A gift to the people of Yosano…

Some of you may be aware that I have recently been selected to represent Aberystwyth University on the 2018 cultural trip to Japan. On the 25th of January, four other students and I will be travelling to the Japanese town of Yosano, as a part of an initiative to celebrate the longstanding friendship between the two towns. We will be staying with local families for eleven days, whilst participating in a wide range of activities including visiting local primary and secondary schools, and meeting the town council.

The five of us have been asked by the University to come up with some ways that we can return the generosity of the local community. As my trip is kindly being funded by the English & Creative Writing department, I thought it would be most appropriate to come up with an idea which helps local students to learn English. And so, over the next few weeks, I will be collecting English children’s books that I (with the help of the rest of the group) will take with us to Japan, to give to the children in the schools we visit whilst we’re there. Each book we take will have a book plate label placed on the inside cover, explaining the reason behind the gift and the ongoing friendship between the two communities.

I am therefore asking all those who are happy to help, to please have a look at home for any good condition, (fairly) lightweight children’s books you no longer need, which would be appropriate for primary and secondary school age. If you find anything that meets these criteria, then please would you get in contact, so I can arrange to collect them:

LONDON – I will be at home until the 16th of January, so if you are able to find anything suitable before then please let me know.

ABERYSTWYTH – I will be returning to Aber on the 21st January, and I’m more than willing to travel around campus / town to collect. We leave on the 25th January, so ideally, I need to have all contributions by the 23rd of January latest.

I am hoping to get a really positive response to this appeal – if this is the case, any books the group are unable to take due to luggage restrictions, I will be distributing to local charities in London / Aberystwyth. I will also try to photograph the books we do manage to take with us, and will keep you updated on the response from the local community you will all be helping!

Please, please help if you can, feel free to message me if you have any questions, and thank you in advance!

UPDATE: Over 100 books were collected in London alone, with many more waiting for me as I arrived back in Aberystwyth yesterday evening (21st January). I will be sorting and labeling the books later on the evening of the 22nd of January, so please contact me if you have any contributions ASAP!

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